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White House New Policy 2023 - Global Warming Study

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy has published a report mandated by Congress, delving into the concept of solar geoengineering and suggesting the potential of blocking sunlight to combat climate change.

White House New Policy 2023 - Global Warming Study

According to the report, a dedicated team has been researching methods to prevent the sun's rays from exacerbating global warming. Recognizing the complex nature of Earth systems and the uncertainties involved, the report emphasizes the need for comprehensive research to comprehend both the potential benefits and risks associated with sunlight blockade.

The congressional mandate for this report was part of the Consolidated Appropriations Act passed in 2022. It aimed to establish a research governance framework that provides guidance on transparency, engagement, and risk management for publicly funded solar geoengineering studies.

The report outlines the Biden administration's exploration of various approaches, including "stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI) and marine cloud brightening." Additionally, the document references ongoing investigations into "cirrus cloud thinning."

While the report acknowledges the existence of "space-based approaches," it emphasizes that atmospheric interventions are currently more feasible to implement than those based in space.

"This Research Plan focuses on improving understanding of the potential impacts of SRM [Solar Radiation Modification], rather than on technologies required for deployment," according to the document. Much of this study would help us understand basic climatic processes, the effects of human greenhouse gas emissions, and the outcomes of SRM."

Moreover, the report proposes that a comprehensive research program examining solar radiation modification's scientific and societal implications would lead to informed decisions regarding the risks and benefits of incorporating SRM into climate policy.

The report also suggests that such a research program would prepare the United States for potential SRM deployment by other entities, both public and private.

One notable statement within the report mentions that SRM could offer the possibility of significantly cooling the planet within a few years.

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