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Monthly 1000 Rupee Scheme Tamil Nadu Eligibility and Application Form

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin, fulfilling a promise made in the election manifesto, has announced a new scheme to support homemakers in the state. Starting September 15, eligible housewives will receive a monthly allowance of Rs.1000 under the newly introduced "Kalainar Women's Entitlement Scheme." on tn govt official website.

Monthly 1000 Rupee Scheme Tamil Nadu Eligibility and Application Form

Monthly 1000 rupee scheme Consultation with District Collectors

In a recent meeting with District Collectors, Chief Minister M.K. Stalin discussed the implementation details of the scheme. The outcome of the consultation meeting has been published in a comprehensive report, highlighting the key information and eligibility criteria.

Eligibility Criteria and Application Process for this scheme

To qualify for the Women's Entitlement Scheme and receive the monthly allowance, the following criteria must be met:

Age Requirement: The beneficiaries must be at least 21 years old.

Income Limit: The annual income of the beneficiaries should be at most 2.5 lakhs.

Land Ownership: Families holding more than 5 acres of land will not be eligible for the Rs. 1000 entitlement amount.

Government Employees: Female government employees are not eligible for the scheme.

Application Process: Interested individuals can apply by filling application form for the scheme at their respective ration shops by presenting their family cards.

A Tribute to Kalainar

The Women's Entitlement Scheme has been aptly named the "Kalainar Women's Entitlement Scheme" in honor of the late former Chief Minister Kalainar. This initiative seeks to empower homemakers in Tamil Nadu by providing them with financial support. With the implementation of this scheme, Chief Minister M.K. Stalin aims to improve the livelihoods of homemakers across the state, ensuring their economic independence and well-being.

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Interested candidates in monthly 1000 rupee scheme tamil nadu can fill the application form given below.

Notification in Tamil

Application Form

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