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Central Govt Funding for Research and Innovation in Veterinary Science: Empower Women Entrepreneurs

Central Government Funding for Research and Innovation in Veterinary Science

Central Govt Funding for Research and Innovation in Veterinary Science: Empower Women Entrepreneurs

The field of veterinary science plays a vital role in animals' well-being and human health advancement. In a recent meeting held at the Vepperi Veterinary College Campus, Chennai, the focus was on women entrepreneurs in the veterinary sector. The director of the Veterinary Education Center, Soundararajan, shed light on the financial support provided by the central government to foster research and innovation in livestock and zoological studies. This support is aimed at encouraging women entrepreneurs and promoting growth in the industry.

Opportunities for Women Entrepreneurs

The meeting brought together Vice-Chancellor KN Selvakumar, researchers, more than 170 veterinary students, and professors. The discussions centered around exploring opportunities available for women in veterinary science education, vocational training, and access to central and state government funding.

Vice-Chancellor KN Selvakumar emphasized the importance of learning from successful women entrepreneurs worldwide to inspire future leaders. He stressed that a significant percentage of postgraduate and research students should be encouraged to venture into entrepreneurship.

Financial Support for Innovations

Soundararajan, the Director of Primary Business Development Organization and Animal Welfare Education, highlighted the supportive ecosystem for research and innovation at the Tamil Nadu Veterinary Science University. The university provides an initial career development system to facilitate research in zoology.

This system allows researchers to carry out their innovation efforts within the university's laboratory. Furthermore, financial resources are made available to support these innovative projects. In cases where certain innovations require substantial funding, the state government provides financial assistance for micro, small, and medium enterprises. Additionally, the central government extends support by offering up to Rs. 49 lakh financial aid.

Empowering Veterinary and Zoological Research

The funding and support provided by the central and state governments aim to encourage researchers to explore new horizons in veterinary and zoological studies. The financial aid of up to Rs. 49 lakh ensures that groundbreaking research and discoveries occur without financial constraints.

This funding also supports the development of technologies and solutions that can positively impact the animal healthcare industry. By nurturing innovations in the field, the government promotes sustainable practices that benefit animals and humans.


  1. What was the focus of the meeting at Vepperi Veterinary College? The discussion focused on women entrepreneurs in the veterinary sector, exploring opportunities, and discussing government funding for research and innovation.

  2. Who participated in the meeting? The meeting was attended by Vice-Chancellor KN Selvakumar, researchers, over 170 veterinary students, professors, and other key stakeholders.

  3. What is the central government's financial support for research and innovation? The central govt gives financial assistance of up to Rs. 49 lacks for livestock and zoological studies and discoveries.

  4. How does the government support initial career development in zoological research? The Tamil Nadu Veterinary Science University offers an initial career development system, allowing researchers to conduct innovative studies within the university's laboratory.

  5. Why is encouraging women entrepreneurs essential for the veterinary sector? Women entrepreneurs play an important role in pushup economic growth and innovation in the veterinary science industry, contributing to the country's overall development.

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